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The Elvis Radio Show UK
An amateur radio show, brought to you every Sunday, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm UK time.
You can request any time on our Facebook event, or simply email us!

We started as 'a bit of fun' back in 2013, and we cannot believe how we continue to this day.
We currently broadcast to 50 countries worldwide.

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Two hours of great Elvis music, congratulations on your choice and great taste in music.
We play anything Elvis you request, from the early days, right up to 1977.
Your choice, your requests, your dedications.
We play Elvis rock n roll, rockabilly, country, gospel, blues, pop, film sound tracks, one liners, interviews, everything Elvis.

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The Elvis Radio Show UK

Whether you like early Elvis, mid Elvis or Late Elvis, we play his music from anytime.

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